How can SEO boost up your recruiting agency?

William Almonte

Are you eager to learn about the undeniably crucial role played by SEO in buttressing the prospects of your recruitment website? Indeed, the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization technology has proved to be the key tool to effectively enhance the visibility of a website. William Almonte Mahwah states that, one can successfully execute the task of the recruitment of great talents by the application of targeted keywords in the content of the pages of the website. This shall be helpful in concentrating on the particular domain, level and market.

This article updates you on a few precise, simple yet useful tips for improving the online visibility of websites designed by aspiring recruiters and hiring agencies, so that they can reach out conveniently to their targeted audience.

On-page SEO

When it concerns an on-page SEO, it is emphatic that the helms are in total control of the holder’s hands. To boost up the visibility of your staffing and recruiting website, you are good to start with making the following updates to your pages online:

  1. Are you at a loss to understand why your website is failing to pull in a bulk audience despite its unique and updated content? The reason is likely to be your inadvertent approach to regularly updating the title tags on the pages of your website. You are advised by professional experts like William Almonte to keep an eye on the poorly performing title tags or content tags and update them regularly.


  1. While updating the title tags, it is to be kept in mind that the keywords are best to be put very closely to the initiating phrase of the content. However, it is also to be noticed that the readability of the content is not affected by the density of the keywords within the content. It is ideal to keep the content tags within 60 characters in order to secure and retain optimum search engine visibility.


  1. In the case of shorter titles, you can also consider adding a relevant brand name.

The importance of intercalating Internal Links

According to proficient experts in the field of recruitment and hiring of apt talents, inserting or adding internal links is considered integral to the strengthening and thriving of your online recruitment portal. If a few previous internal links that are related to your current content of the page is inserted in each post, it adds to the enthusiasm of the audience for an enhanced navigation through your entire website.

Keyword research and keeping your website updated

Proper research of the keywords is essential for the search engine optimization of your website, as, incorrect keywords or the ones that are too generic are likely to affect the advanced visibility of your recruitment site. However, the choosing of too specific and precise keywords might also not always prove to be the ideal pathway to reach to the forefront of the most popular search engines like Google. It shall be convenient for different recruitment companies to adopt individualized SEO methods in order to take the space of the first page on popular search engines.

What Are Some Global Recruiting Trends of 2016?

Like other industries, recruitment industry also undergoes different changes depending on the economic and political situation. The recruitment industry is highly dynamic. Hiring managers always evolve new strategies to engage more talents. Old strategies eventually lose the charm and fail to attract and engage new employees. Recruitment industry incorporates a huge chunk of marketing and public relation so depending on these two sectors the recruitment sector also experiences different changes.

william almonte

2016 is about to end, and it’s expected some of the recruitment trends are going to be static in 2017 as well. So let’s take a sneak peek at what is going to be some hot trends of recruitment tin 2017.

Here in this post readers will get to know some global trend of 2016 and 2017

The evergreen trend of recruitment blends with marketing:

When it comes to recruitment and talent acquisition, the most evergreen trend is marketing. Marketing the company’s image to new talents and get them to join the company has always been one of the main weaponry of hiring managers. The talent acquisition involves a lot of in-house marketing and building up brand image. Engaging and recruiting talents are one of the most influential factors when it comes to the improvement the company. According to William Almonte expert recruiter, many reputed companies are increasingly ratifying brand new marketing strategies to engage more talents.

The more talented fresh minds join a company, the more it will get fresh workforce.  Most top candidates are more interested in the learning process other than the salary structure, at the end of the interview procedure; they frequently ask what they will get to learn if they join a particular company. That time the recruitment manager needs to show some great marketing skill by presenting all the positive sides of working in the company.

The quality of hire is going to be different

As per William Almonte, Some studies about recruitment industry reveal that the upcoming trend of recruitment industry is companies are going to be more cautious about the quality, not the quantity of the workforce. The hiring manager needs to change their approach and plan according to the latest trends. The companies are not going to hire quality workforce other than recruiting a bunch of under performers. Now how the companies decide the quality of the hire. The studies reveal that the hiring manager himself will determine the quality of the hire.

Here the recruitment and talent acquisition manager of the company will be given the responsibility to check the performance graph.

Employing branding

Employee branding will be one of the biggest trends of 2017. From this year itself, it is on the surge. Some countries like Brazil, South Africa, and East Asia are now investing more into employee branding. Research done by popular professional social networking site reveals that the trends are increasingly going global. The study reveals that reputed companies are going to engage content writers to provide fresh insights and to attract more fresh talent to their firms. Recruiters are going to use social media to build up brand image dedicate for acquisition purpose to get more and more fresh talents to join the company.

5 Things You Should Look for to Hire Top-Quality Employees

William Almonte - 5 Things You Should Look for to Hire Top-Quality Employees

At the time of an interview, a perfect looking resume is invariably presented in front of the interviewer, which highlights the achievements and positive qualities of the candidate. Irrespective of an impeccable copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae, a professional recruiter or employer is always seen to be inclined on discovering the person behind the candidate, delving beyond his or her proclaimed bio data.

According to William Almonte Mahwah, there are a few precise and incisive tactics of questioning the interviewee which are effective in bringing the qualities, negatives and eligibility of the candidate to the fore. In this article, employers keen on setting the perfect and expedient questionnaire in order to discover the best talented employees, shall find a comprehensive discourse on how to judge the potential of a candidate by proper yardsticks.

Also, there are certain wrong measures adopted by employers and recruiters while hiring and these flaws in a recruiter inevitably lead to the selection of improper candidates. Here you also get relevant tips on what are the commonly encountered mistakes by hiring professionals and what are the possible ways to keep such flawed approachesat bay.

Ability of self-assessment

Since every individual has positive as well as negative qualities, it is a fact to be accepted without any glitch that no one is infallible. But at the same time, it is also important to know whether or not is a candidate capable of assessing and acknowledging his or her own flaws. According to William Almonte, it is most prudent of an employer to ask a candidate to cite the best of skills and qualities he or she owns and practices. The candidate should also be given space at the time of an interview an interviewee should always be given the space to point out his or her own negatives.

It is important to observe how an individual candidate cites and defines his or her negative qualities in front of an employer. The response of the candidate to such questions is to be conducive for judging his or her style and capability of self-assessment. A specific rejoinder to this kind of question is likely to elucidate the candidate’s views on certain qualities and professional skills which he or she considers important in the particular field of work.

Hiring the right employee for the right position

When the newly hired person is required to work as part of an already existing work or project, in such a situation, there is no need of hiring an experienced candidate. Rather, it has been observed for fact that under such circumstances, a fresher, with a relatively greater flexibility to adapt to new situations, prove more apt and advantageous.

On the other hand, when a particular job profile requires former practical knowledge and exposure of an employee to a specific domain of work, the focus of a recruiter should quite naturally shift towards an experienced candidate. However, under no circumstances should an employer mingle job experience with the uniqueness of a candidate’s individual talent and creative skills.

How to choose a training agency for your recruiters?

William Almonte-How to choose a training agency for your recruiters?

There are essential aspects that a training agency needs to cater to teach the hiring process to the recruiters. To seek the help of the experts, it is imperative that these recruiters go through a proper training process.

According to William Almonte, the recruiting process is a huge responsibility where the recruiter needs to be skillful and very efficient in making the right choice while selecting the candidate. A committed staffing agency is the most suitable one who can deliver on time services to the organizations by training the recruiters with the required skills. This searching process for the perfect candidates is a costly and tiring process.

William Almonte states that a highly updated staffing agency that knows the industry specific issues can assist in letting the business stay focused and organized in development activities. Since the workforce forms, the core aspect of any organization the recruitment of the skilled and highly expertise candidates is also crucial.

Factors that can help in selecting the training agency

  • An agency that is well updated

 The staffing agency that needs to recruit the candidates should be well updated with the industry ways and manners. The agency has to be able to train the recruiters with the present techniques and methods. An agency which has global reach and can expand into the new markets can help recruiters get the exposure and training to handle the recruiting process. 

  • To compare the various agencies available in the market

 The whole process of comparing the agencies can help in assessing whether the agencies follow the required policies that can assist the small and large businesses. These training agencies teach varied processes and techniques of recruiting which depends on the kind of business that the client has. Amidst all of them choose the agency that ensures high-quality services in terms of staffing.

  • To gather more information on them

 The agencies have their set of terms and agreements based on which they work. It is imperative that before selecting a particular agency for training the recruiter’s information are collected about the company.

It is important that one gets to enroll such an agency that is authentic and trains the recruiters in understanding the needs and demands of the market. The human resource is an important part of the workforce of an organization.

The rapport and the relationship build by the organization with the training agency are essential as the recruiters get to seek advice and suggestion during the hiring process. These ease the hiring process. These top notch agencies can help in providing ideas and information that the recruiters need to be updated.

With the change in the economy, the hiring companies have to be well versed with the market. They have to learn the different ways of tackling the problems and challenges that come their way. For this, they do need a superior quality training agency that can hone them with the required skills and train them in recruiting the finest quality of candidates who can bring about further development of the organization.

Five interview questions that result in a good hire

William Almonte-Five interview questions that result in a good hire

Every candidate appearing for an interview makes an attempt to present himself or herself at his or her best. The Impeccable or a flawless curriculum vita, which is presented before the interviewer undoubtedly, makes the first impression about the interviewee. However, veteran and prudent employers and interviewers are aware of the fact that, behind the face of every impressive resume, there is a real person bearing somewhat different characteristics about him.

Therefore, as William Almonte avers, the best way for an interviewer to look through the personality of a candidate appearing for an interview is to pose a few precisely apt and relevant questions before the candidate. Certain questions can strike up relevant and necessary subjects of conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee, and can help the employer come out of the limitations of assumptions about the knowledge, potential, professional compatibility and other skills pertaining to a particular job role.

According to William Almonte, relevant questions enable an interviewer to make a conclusive overall assessment of the eligibility of an interviewee for a job. Some of the ideal questions that can be placed in an interview in order to pass a worthwhile judgment about abilities, positivity and negative aspects of a candidate have been discussed below in this article.

  1. Brief us about your experience of handling a situation of massive hurdle that stood as an obstacle in your way of achieving your aspirations?

These questions shall evidently enable the employer to curve a conspicuous image of the candidate’s performance potential. From the answer of the candidate to this kind of question, a clear picture can be derived of the style of work and dexterity in solving problems and critical situations. The pertaining discussion might also elucidate the compatibility of the candidate with the team members and how efficiently he or she can make productive contribution to a team work.

  1. Why do you want to quit working with your current organization, or, why did you leave your previous employer?

Any question typical of the aforesaid ones is relevant only if the candidate is already employed or if he or she has previously worked with any other organization. However, from the response of the candidate to this type of question, an employer is able to assess his or her outlooks and perspectives on various professional and practical matters.

  1. Name the most prominent or remarkable skills and attributes you possess that shall be used for the benefit of our company

When the interviewer asks such a question, it is to comprehend the style of self-assessment of the candidate. An answer to this question shall evidently bring out the point of view of the candidate and shall reveal the skills and qualities that he or she considers most important in the concerned professional field.

  1. What are the negative sides of your personality?

It is important to know how a person defines his or her negative sides before hiring him or her. This question is extremely effective in bringing out the point of view the interviewee.

  1. Given a scope to start your career from scratch once again, would you like to do something different?

This question will definitely prompt any candidate to voice his positive and negative sides, decision making abilities, eventually explaining the important decisions he has made in his life so far.

Exploring The Hiring Methodology Of Recruitment Companies

Hiring is no way an easy thing as a wrong recruitment may ruin the time and training efforts that a company spends to train an employee. In the beginning, a company spends one or two months to make the new joiner familiar with his roles and responsibilities and if the candidate is not that good, all the effort goes in vain. So, hiring requires expertise that ensures for the relevance of a candidate for a particular job. The recruitment companies possess that expertize by which they ensure to shortlist the best candidates for the initial interview and after being satisfied by the answers and knowledge of the candidate, they recommend their name further. William Almonte has years of experience in recruitment consultation and hence, he knows how effectively recruitment companies can handle hiring process and can help organizations with the best recruitments for all positions.

Hiring Process For Contact Staffing-

When it is about contract staffing, the hiring process has to be faster. This requirement occurs when there is an immediate hiring for a particular area for a newly introduced venture of a company. During contract staffing, a staffing agreement is made between the candidates and company for a pre-decided period or sometimes until the work ends. This recruitment is totally advantageous to client or the employer in which they do not require to induct a candidate completely in a payroll position. So, it is simply alike pay per service used. The best thing or the positive part for candidates is these positions are higher paid as compared to permanent positions.

Contract – Hire Process-

Contract – hire is same as contract staffing. What makes it different from earlier one is an option to employer for hiring or not hiring the employee once the contract period is over. It is such a great tool in which employers work with an employee for some period and if consider him or her good for his organization, he offers them the permanent employment in the organization. This kind of employment is great for higher profile employees who are at management positions.

Turnkey Hiring Process-

This type of hiring process is started for handling mass hiring. Turnkey hiring can also be used for specific requirements in which an employer is growing or when the new vertical has started or when a company feels a bulk hiring requirement. This type of recruitment is applicable to most of the construction companies at times, they start new venture or construction project.

Temporary – Permanent Hiring Process-

It is the most common hiring type in which employees are hired on contract or temporary basis or permanent basis. In temporary positions, the employees get higher salaries; however in permanent profiles, the pay is less because permanent job includes other compensations along with job security. The payroll for temporary employees can be done either by recruitment firm or by employer himself.

So, these are few recruitment processes in which recruitment agencies perform dynamically to find suitable candidates for employers.

Critical Dilemmas Of Most Of The Job Seekers That You Should Know


Most of the job seekers face few similar issues that affect their job hunt and also push their career growth back. You may find it a little funny but it is true that the main cause that stops them from achieve desired outcomes from the job search effort is their self-fulfillment. A fear that they may not get the job which will steeply decline their self-confidence can actually be a nasty circle. In this article, William Almonte will let you know few critical dilemmas that affect most of the job seekers during their job search and thus, push them back from achieving success in this attempt.

A long Gap In Employment-

It is seen that the job seekers who are out of their job for few months, do not utilize that time to make their skills better. They can take trainings to improve their skills or can do anything that can fill up their resume gap. When, they have something to add in their resume during that time, it does not remain a problem for employer, but he takes this period in positive way. So, rather being idle, the job seekers should try on something that can shape up their career ahead.

So, it is recommended to the job seekers who are fired or laid off to conduct a research for narrowing down their specialised field and then, try searching relevant jobs for themselves. Here, try to keep 1 or 2 fields as backup to manage risk measures.

Job Seekers Do Not Make The Best Use Of Resume Objective-

When the employer chooses an online CV for a candidate, they first look at the objective of the resume. So, make sure to use an upfront or candid objective that put a positive influence of the employer. Add straightforward sentences but it has to be written smartly. You can write an objective based on your previous job experience with better expectations from the new employer and in return to provide the best input. When you have instability in your resume, then certainly you need an employer who thinks differently from a common employer.

Poor Compensation From Last Employment & No Idea About What To Ask For-

This is where most of the job seekers feel confused due to poor compensation and salary drawn from the last job. The job seekers who are underpaid often feel difficulty in defending themselves while demanding more or higher compensation from new company. So, to deal with this situation, the job seekers must try to find 2 to 3 job offers altogether and then, allow the companies to bid the best on you. So, do not let anyone exploit you financially when you have potential to earn more just because of the last salary you drew was low.

Fired From A Last Employment-

At this stage, the job seekers have to be canny as it is crucial for them to get a solid reason to defend themselves. You will be asked several questions about why the last employer had fired you and so on. So, get ready to face off these challenging questions smartly.