William Almonte – External Vs Internal Recruitment

Recruitment is such a process that most of the people go through at least once in life. The recruitment process becomes beneficial for the company and the candidate both. There are two types of recruitment that is done for any company to get the employees. Both of these two type f recruitments have some advantages and also some disadvantages.

William Almonte

According to Mr. William Almonte, a business person should have proper knowledge about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of these two types of recruitment.

Before you know about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of recruitment, According to William Almonte you should have enough knowledge to define these two types of recruitment.

Internal recruitment- In this type of recruitment the company picks an employee of the company to work for some other post.

External recruitment- In this type of recruitment the company finds new candidates to join the company as an employee.

Now you know what the external an internal recruitment means, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of recruitment.

Advantages of internal recruitment

  • Time-saving- The process of internal recruitment does not require much time to recruit an employee because in this type of recruitment an employee of that company is promoted to another post of the same company. This is why the employee has proper knowledge about the business of the company. This helps the employee to work better and quicker.
  • The chance to select the right person- In this type of recruitment the company could recruit the employee for another post after watching the performance of the employee till date, so that they may not face any inconvenience for a new and unskilled employee.
  • Promotion- This type of recruitment provides the chance to the employees to get promoted in the higher post. Getting a promotion is always good for the employee because the salary gets higher as well as your experiences. The employees of the company will work hard to get promoted to the higher post. This is also beneficial for the company because the company will get high-quality performance.

Disadvantages of internal recruitment

  • The occurrence of new vacancy- The biggest problem of internal recruitment is the occurrence of a new vacancy. This is why the company has to arrange the external recruitment program for new candidates.
  • No new ideas- In this process of recruitment the old candidate is being promoted to a new post, so there is very less chance to work with a new idea and that makes the company less innovative.

Advantages of external recruitment

  • New minds new ideas- In this type of recruiting new candidates to come with new ideas that make their performance more innovative.
  • A huge number of options to select new employee- The process of external recruitment gives the chance to select any appropriate employee for the company from a huge pool of applicants. Those people also come with some experiences that are beneficial for the company.

Disadvantages of external recruitment

  • Expensive- This type of recruitment requires going through a huge process that requires a lot of money and man strength.
  • Time taking- This type of recruitment requires a lot of time to complete the process of recruitment. For more data visit here

William Almonte – What Recruiters Want From You?

In the focused universe of business, in the event that you need to make your place secure and fruitful then you need to keep contact with the selection representatives. In the event that you can make the enrollment specialists fulfilled and awed at that point, you can get some openings for work that can be a decent hand over your profession. You need to know how to fulfill the enrollment specialists when you are searching for a superior open door in your profession. The selection representatives are dependably there for finding a superior possibility for an organization, and that can help you as well. There are some points featured by Mr. William Almonte, owner of titan staffing to tell you how you can inspire the enrollment specialists and what they anticipate from the competitors.

William Almonte


The first and for the most part critical thing is certainty that the enrollment specialists need from an applicant. You need to demonstrate your certainty at each progression. You need to influence the selection representatives to see how critical the activity is for you and your words ought to be legitimate and clear to the enrollment specialists. Your appearance ought to likewise be appropriate and certain for the activity part. Applicants should demonstrate their certainty to give the scouts a chance to comprehend that you can deal with the circumstance and occupation obligation.


Your responses to the enrollment specialists ought to be short and precise. You should answer just that in short what is asked to you by the selection representatives. You ought not answer or clarify superfluous focuses. In the event that you are told by the enrollment specialists to accomplish something, at that point you must be exact to that. You ought to be prompt and achieve the spot of a meeting on time with the best possible documentation. Your data on the resumes ought to be exact and culminate.


Your introduction in a meeting ought to be great and formal. You should remember that the scouts are there to comprehend your capacities and you ought to be displayed in that path through which your capacities and abilities can be comprehended by the selection representatives.


You ought to be savvy enough to deal with the duties of the occupation parts. You ought to comprehend the activity obligation and let the scouts comprehend that. The spotters ought to get the certainty from you that you are sufficiently keen to deal with the obligations in the organization.

Non-verbal communication

Your non-verbal communication ought to never be self-important when you show up in a meeting. You may not know a response to the inquiries asked to you. For this situation, it is constantly better to concede that you don’t have the foggiest idea about that. There is no should be over keen and express that you know everything.


You ought to be straightforward and mirror your identity really to the selection representatives. So they can get a thought whether you will be fitted to their position or not.

Mr. William Almonte has demonstrated the previously mentioned focuses to make the hopefuls agreeable when they will confront a meeting. These focuses ought to dependably there in the psyches of the activity searchers when they are meeting an enrollment specialist and intrigued to inspire them. These are the focuses that the selection representatives find in their applicants. Fore more data visit here

William Almonte – Competitive Advantages Of Hiring Top Recruiting Agencies

Why do you toil so hard to acquire a higher education? The answer is simple – to get a better paying job. If you succeed in bagging a good job, then you will get a handsome salary at the end of each month. The money will come in handy to purchase all the necessities and luxuries that you desire to have. So, all educated and trained candidates, who are ready to join the rat race of the professional world need to prepare them beforehand. If you are one of them, then this article will provide you with crucial tips to succeed in your endeavors.

William Almonte - Competitive Advantages Of Hiring Top Recruiting Agencies

Competitive advantages of hiring a staffing agency

William Almonte, who has been associated with the recruitment industry for many years, is of the opinion that with the right company by your side, you will have a strategic advantage over the other candidates. The recruitment firm will try their best to place you at an excellent post, with a reputed company. They have their vested interests behind this. If their candidate gets the job, then the staffing agency will get their share. They can either charge money from the candidate or from the company that hires the candidate. In some cases, the staffing agency will charge a fee from both parties. No matter what the situation is, these firms will fight tooth and nail to pave the path so that their chosen candidate can advance.

Sending the resume to several companies

The primary responsibility of the recruitment agency is to forward the resume of the candidate to several industries, where the applicant will fit the requirements. It is better to seal the deal with a reputed staffing agency as they have a vast network and database. They keep a close watch on the professional market and acquire details about the probable openings. Sometimes, companies approach these recruitment agencies and ask them to search for suitable candidates on their behalf.

Getting best services at low fee

Several staffing firms operate in the market. Though this makes it hard for the applicant to pick one that is proficient, it prevents any singular association from dominating the industry. The presence of numerous agencies prevents monopolization of the market by a particular recruitment firm. According to William Almonte, this ready access keeps these institutions on their feet at all times.

Assists in checking the background of the applicant

Though the primary task of any recruitment agency is to provide the contact details of the employers and candidate to each other, some also perform the duty of checking the background of the applicant. They ask preliminary questions to the candidate about their education, previous job opportunities, expected salary and location. As most agencies operate via virtual platforms, they download the resume of the applicant from the job sites. As the preliminary background check has been done, the host company can be rest assured that the applicant is genuine as far as the claims go.

In case any candidate is not happy with the services of one recruitment company, he/she can terminate the contract and seek help from another. It will tarnish the reputation of that staffing agency, and it will lose its grip on the market.

William Almonte – What are Some Latest Trends in Recruitment and Selection Process?

Recruitment and selection process means to hire a particular candidate for a specific job whether it can be temporary or a permanent one in an organization.

William Almonte - What are Some Latest Trends in Recruitment and Selection Process?
Mainly recruitments are done by the Human Resource Department, who are trained and qualified only for recruiting and selecting the right candidate for the designated one.

There can be several processes of recruiting a particular candidate for a particular job profile.

The points can be summarised as:-

  • Analysing the job profile- The particular job must need to analyse first as per to check the company’s requirements and the need.
  • To source the candidates- It is one of the important process on the selection of the candidates as without sourcing the right candidate for the particular job won’t be find easily. It can be done by the advertising or promotions by the company’s vacancies.
  • Screening of the candidates-It can be considered as another important point on selecting the right desired candidate as it can be seen as many candidates are suitable for a particular job academically but fails to manage the allotted work.So to check the potential of the candidate few online testing are used to select the candidate using psychometric tools as well.
  • According to William Almonte, the expert recruiter, Now a days companies engage some third party organizations to select the right candidate as per to the companies job profile.
    Some of the Latest Trends

Few new trends are introduced by the companies on the basis of the Evolution of Social Mediafor selecting and recruiting the candidate for a desired job profile. Outsourcing recruitment is another new trend of recruitment industry. According to William Almonte, outsourcing recruitment training has some special privileges, like better method of training module designing, a specific implementation.

The points are summarized below:

  • In the world of social media, the candidates are checked through those and the desire ones are selected for the right designated job profile.
  • Sourcing,now a days have evolved greatly so when a company decides to recruit,they select the candidate as per to the social media sourcing.Social media like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn helps the company and the candidate as well to a great extent.
  • Another most important part of recruiting a candidate is to analyzing him/her according to the job profile. The candidates are asked to perform according to the job profile they applied for. If they can perform well they can be on the verge of getting the particular job.
  • Unlike previous recruitment process, now a days company are fading away the traineeships or the period if training. Training periods hampers the time and the investment of the companies on the particular candidate.Candidates are selected;they are hired and given a particular work to conduct,if the fails repeatedly they are asked to leave their positions so that the company can hire again someone with much of efficiency.

The online psychometric tests are also getting involved more to check the candidates suitability.The psychometric tests shows the candidates present state of mind and whether he/she is appropriate for the job or not.

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William Almonte – Secret Facts About The Recruitment

Recruitment is such a process that has given its effect among you people. You the people of the post teenage are very much known to this term. You may have gone through the recruitment process before getting a job. But have you ever thought that why such headache is taken just to recruit a single or some more employees. This article is here to discuss about all such things. Here you will get to know about the strategies of recruitment, process of recruitment. The company may hire some recruiters externally. This article will also discuss about this hireable recruiters. Today from this article you will get a clear conception about the process of recruitment and the terms relating to recruitment. According to William Almonte among all these things the most important thing to discuss is the strategies of recruitment.

William Almonte - What Are The Most Floated Rumours About Recruitment Industry

Facts of recruitment

First of all you should be clear about defining the process of recruitment. Recruitment is such a process that is done by a company to get new employees for the company. This process is a very much important process for any company. The recruitment of the proper candidate is very much important otherwise the company may regret in future. Though the company may rusticate the employee if any unwanted seen occurs. But till then the company will already have to face the unwanted scene. To avoide such conditions the company arrange for the recruitment process so that they get the perfect employee for their company.

There are a number of companies that arrange the recruitment process with their own group of recruiters and their employees to arrange everything. But there are also such companies who don’t have a proper group of recruiters or the man power to arrange the recruitment process. For such companies a new business has been developed. This business is the business of providing the recruiters or to arrange the whole recruitment process. This is like a blessing for the companies who are not able to arrange the recruitment program. The company who provides the recruiters for a company or totally arrange the recruitment program is known as recruitment agencies. Some times the recruitment agencies may supple the employee for your company immediately due to the huge number of candidates that are facing. If they found the candidate is suitable to be your employee, the recruitment agency immediately suggests the candidate to you.

But doing all such thing or to do the recruitment correctly you need to know some recruitment strategies. According to William Almonte there are some strategies of recruitment. Here are those stated. Before performing any recruitment the you have to spread the news of vacancy to the maximum people you can. More the number of applicants more will be the chances to get the perfect employee. You have to be able to judge the candidate in the first meet because you wont get much chance to meet them again. You have study the candidates profile very minutely to compare the ability of the candidate with the requirement of the company. These are the basic strategies of recruitment.

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Wiliam Almonte – How To Discover Your Best Staffs And Keep Them Around

William Almonte, it is quite obvious a fact that any candidate appearing for an interview wants to make a striking and lasting impression of himself or herself on the interviewer. A perfectly flawless copy of resume is presented at the time of the interview in order to highlight the positives qualities and achievements of the candidate. However, professional employers and recruiters are always bent on discovering and exploring the real person beyond the lines printed on an impressive resume.

As William Almonte says, precise and incisive questions at the time of an ongoing interview enable an interviewer to make a comprehensive assessment of the qualities, negatives and eligibility of a candidate. This article contains a detailed discourse on the expedient ways in which a recruiter can learn and master the art of being efficient in discovering the best talents and consistently maintain a healthy and long terms relation with the employees.

How would a hirer identify the right candidate to recruit?

It is most prudent of the recruiter to ask a candidate at the time of the interview to cite the best remarkable skills and qualities he or she possesses. On being asked such a question, the response of the candidate is to be taken into consideration for judging his or her self-assessment capabilities. The style of the rejoinder to this kind of question will bring to the fore, the candidate’s perspectives and views on certain skills and qualities that he or she deems important in the concerned line of work.

According to William Almonte, an interviewee should always be given the space to point out his or her own negativities. Every person has positive as well as negative aspects about his or her characteristics, but what matters in case of hiring the right candidate is whether or not he or she is capable of assessing, analyzing or acknowledging the flaws.It is important to note how a person defines and recognizes his or her negative aspects in front of an employer.

A few tips to ensure that the best talents of your organization continue with you for a longer period

Establishing and maintaining a steadily great employer- employee relationship is of supreme importance to the success of any organization or company in the long run. Despite the fact that the working ambience and mindset of people at different places vary, it is however, always expected that the employer and the employees of every organization must share a certain good bonhomie between themselves.

Even within adverse working conditions, employees should get a considerable comfort level at work place. It is the responsibility of the boss to make himself approachable to the employees in all situations. This will come out with beneficial results in the long run building a mutual sense of reliability, faith and trust.

In recent times, renowned and recognized organizations have been making arrangements for a particular type of program, keeping the motif of strengthening and enhancing the bonding, communication and understanding between the employer and the employees. Such employee relation programs are also conducted to bridge certain gaps between the boss and the employees.


William Almonte Patch – Things To Know About Military Recruitment

Serving the military always is a proud moment for any citizen. One needs to have an immense passion for serving the nation, and it is the most promising career to e sought after. There are thousands of citizens who desire to join military forces in their country, but few can make it to the top or fail in their venture to idolize the opportunity. Dedication is the most important thing which a person or a candidate should have if he desires to pursue a career in the military forces as per words of the experienced business person William Almonte.

William Almonte Patch - Things To Know About Military Recruitment

However, there are few aspects which one should keep in mind to achieve his or her dream of the prestigious job of joining the military forces.

  1. One should be highly motivated and be passionate to join military. This is so because the motivation to serve the country comes from within oneself and this is the duty which is greater than an individual and provides the right scope to experience huge activities involving lots of thrills and excitement. Unless the motivation to serve the country inculcates in any person he cannot be forced to serve the country.
  2. William Almonte has also highlighted another point in this case. Fitness is another prime issue which a person must keep in mind to deal with military recruitment. There are various initial physical tests which a candidate needs to go through while getting the coveted chance of joining the military forces. There are various tests like swimming, rifle shooting and all other such critical exams which a candidate needs to undergo before joining the military forces. Thus keeping these fitness issues a candidate should be quite aware of these facts and start the proceedings of keeping oneself fit and slim from the very beginning stage.
  3. A person must be keen to take initiatives on various issues. This a major concern because in military forces people are assigned with challenging tasks which they need to compete on war footing basis. Such challenges can be fulfilled only by those persons who take the initiative of taking responsibility for accomplishing those tasks. Thus initiative must be taken by the people who want to join the military forces.
  4. Consulting the recruiter at the right time is very important. But leaving the entire job for the recruiter is not what should be done. A candidate should be ready enough for the recruiter to recommend the candidate to the job so that he can get selected for his or her dream job at the very instance.
  5. A candidate needs to have proper medical reports before applying for the coveted job of military forces. The military job is a very hard working job and requires a lot of physical involvement. Thus if a person does not have a proper medical record, then it would be very difficult to analyze the medical fitness of the candidate. Thus to have a proper screening of the candidate, he or she must have proper medical records before hand to cope up with the situation.

Thus Medical job is a very coveted responsibility to be taken up by any person, but he should have the right attitude and mind set to adhere to his duties.

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William Almonte Patch – What Are The Things That Recruiters Should Do Before An Interview?

The role of the recruiters is not that easy as it looks like. The recruiters are the pole between the job seekers and the employee hiring companies. If you think that the interviewee needs to take preparation while going for an interview, then you are thinking wrong. The interviewer should also take some preparations to select the best candidate for a company. William Almonte has explained some points to make the recruiters understand how to take an interview and what they need to know before going through an interview as well.

William Almonte Patch - What Are The Things That Recruiters Should Do Before An Interview

Preparations of the recruiter before an interview

The recruiters need to get prepared while going to take an interview. The impression of a company depends on the recruiters so they should be prepared properly.

  • The recruiters should have good knowledge about the position for which the interview is going to be taken. The clear idea about the job role and the responsibility of the candidates should be very clear to the recruiters. This knowledge can help the recruiters to examine the knowledge of the candidates and select any of them accordingly.
  • The recruiters should be a good communicator who can understand and explain the job roles and the desired benefits from the employee should be clear to the recruiter. They should judge a candidate depending on that capability.
  • The recruiter should also be presentable and comfortable when taking an interview. The body language of the recruiter should not be disappointing as the reputation of the companies depends on the appearances of the recruiters.
  • The recruiters need to go through the resumes of the candidates in detail to get some ideas about the candidates. The recruiters need to prepare some question papers according to the job role and the desired knowledge from the candidate. The recruiters should also know the answers to the questions otherwise they cannot judge the candidates.
  • The presentation of the company should be very clear to the candidates. The recruiters should highlight the advantages of the companies while recruiting a candidate. The presentation of the recruiters should be impressive to attract the deserving candidates. The uniqueness of your company and the current prospects of the company should be presented in an impressive way.
  • Only taking an interview is not all that the recruiters can do, but they need to prepare a perfect feedback about the candidate depending on their performances. The recruiters should point every impression and the decision accordingly while taking the interview.
  • The negotiation skill should also be there in the recruiters, and they should be prepared to attract the desired candidates towards their company in a reasonable package. The recruiters should understand whether the candidates are interested in the job role of their company or not and they should decide accordingly.

William Almonte is known for his success in the business and he has suggested the above-mentioned points to the recruiters to get the best candidate for their companies.

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William Almonte – What Are The Secrets Of The Success Of The Recruiters?

The recruiters are successful in these recent days, and there are some secrets behind their success. The numbers of the job seekers are increasing day by day, and the responsibilities of the recruiters are also increasing as well. The recruiters are always finding some suitable candidates for the vacant posts of the companies. The recruiters need to prepare themselves in an impressive way to make their position secure in the market. Mr. William Almonte who is known for his business has shown some important secrets of the recruiters who achieve success.


If you want to become a successful recruiter in the competitive world, then you need to be fast. Recruiters have no time to think of tomorrow. Whenever they find a candidate, who is perfect for a position should be contacted immediately. Recruiters should never waste time as the job seekers are always trying to get some better opportunity and if the find perfects one, then the call from the recruiters may become a waste. So the recruiters need to be fast.


The recruiters need to keep some tracks while they are involved in the recruitment process. The recruiters should know how to keep track of the candidates. The recruiters need to keep a record of their candidates and their skills. The track and the impression should be kept in a manner that can help the recruiters to contact them on need immediately. Keeping track is one of the most important tasks that the recruiters should do.

Dealing secret

The recruiters always deal with the higher payment clients firstly. This is one of the main secrets that the recruiters use to run their career successfully and earn more money. The top ranking resumes, and the high paying companies get the priority to the recruiters. This deal can make the recruiters more profitable and secure in the competitive market.

Business instinct

The business instinct among the recruiters should be good enough. People should know how to make the business successful and profitable at the same time. The business instincts of the recruiters are also needed for their success. The recruiters also find the high paying clients and candidates to make more money from the competitive market.

These above-mentioned points are the secrets that can help the recruiters to get a remarkable success in the market. According to Mr. William Almonte, the recruiters need to be polite, well behaved and satisfactory to attract more clients from the market. The punctuality and the responsible sense of the recruiters can make them not only successful but also profitable in the competitive market. The recruiters should have the points in their minds while they are engaged in the recruitment process. The recruiters are not the only business person, but they also have some responsibilities to the candidates who are seeking jobs and finding a way to make a successful career. The quality of the recruiters depends on their achievements and their success stories.

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What Are The Secrets of The Success for The Recruiters?

In the modern days, the industry f recruiting firms are increasing in a rapid manner to satisfy the job seekers and the companies at the same time. Only finding a suitable job for a candidate is not all that recruiter can do but the recruiter should also check the ability of the job seekers and their criteria as well.

William Almonte

The company profile and their demands should also be checked to satisfy them by providing the manpower. If you are finding the success key in the industry of the recruitment, then you need to have some skills that can help you to get the desired position in the market. Successful recruiters have some secrets that you can follow in your career to lead the market.

Know about the secrets

The successful businessman William Almonte has shown some secrets that the recruiters follow to get a desired position in the market.The recruiters should have some qualities like strong communication skills, punctuality, knowledgeable and understanding to get the success. But this is not enough for a recruiter to become a successful recruiter in the modern and competitive market. They need some extra qualities that are described below.

The recruiters should have patience. They should find the suitable job role for the employee and an efficient candidate for the perfect company at the same time. They should find out the best quality candidate for the lot according to the criteria of the companies. In this case, they should not do hurry and impatience. But they should shortlist those candidates whose resume fit to the requirements of the hiring company.

The recruiters should be hard working. Even after the working time, the recruiters should continue their tasks by contacting with the high-profiled candidates to get their updates. They should be available to the candidates, and they should make the doubts of the candidates clear satisfactorily. So they should study the job role in detail and gather the information whether the candidate has experience in related fields or not.The recruiters need to be good researchers. They should have all the updated information about the modern market where candidates are being hired. The recruiters should keep in mind that if they miss any information that can be an advantage for another recruiter. So they should be updated all the time. William Almonte is the perfect businessman who has told that the recruiters should have a polite and good behavior. They should know how to make their clients satisfied with good behavior. Even if the job seekers are frustrated then also recruiters should never show their anger in them, but they should understand their crisis and satisfy them with the desired service.These above-mentioned skills are important to be there in the recruiters who are interested in building up a successful career. Job seekers should know how to get the jobs through the recruiters, and the recruiters should also understand how they can help the job seekers in a short time. The relation should be easy and simple between them.