5 Things You Should Look for to Hire Top-Quality Employees

William Almonte - 5 Things You Should Look for to Hire Top-Quality Employees

At the time of an interview, a perfect looking resume is invariably presented in front of the interviewer, which highlights the achievements and positive qualities of the candidate. Irrespective of an impeccable copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae, a professional recruiter or employer is always seen to be inclined on discovering the person behind the candidate, delving beyond his or her proclaimed bio data.

According to William Almonte Mahwah, there are a few precise and incisive tactics of questioning the interviewee which are effective in bringing the qualities, negatives and eligibility of the candidate to the fore. In this article, employers keen on setting the perfect and expedient questionnaire in order to discover the best talented employees, shall find a comprehensive discourse on how to judge the potential of a candidate by proper yardsticks.

Also, there are certain wrong measures adopted by employers and recruiters while hiring and these flaws in a recruiter inevitably lead to the selection of improper candidates. Here you also get relevant tips on what are the commonly encountered mistakes by hiring professionals and what are the possible ways to keep such flawed approachesat bay.

Ability of self-assessment

Since every individual has positive as well as negative qualities, it is a fact to be accepted without any glitch that no one is infallible. But at the same time, it is also important to know whether or not is a candidate capable of assessing and acknowledging his or her own flaws. According to William Almonte, it is most prudent of an employer to ask a candidate to cite the best of skills and qualities he or she owns and practices. The candidate should also be given space at the time of an interview an interviewee should always be given the space to point out his or her own negatives.

It is important to observe how an individual candidate cites and defines his or her negative qualities in front of an employer. The response of the candidate to such questions is to be conducive for judging his or her style and capability of self-assessment. A specific rejoinder to this kind of question is likely to elucidate the candidate’s views on certain qualities and professional skills which he or she considers important in the particular field of work.

Hiring the right employee for the right position

When the newly hired person is required to work as part of an already existing work or project, in such a situation, there is no need of hiring an experienced candidate. Rather, it has been observed for fact that under such circumstances, a fresher, with a relatively greater flexibility to adapt to new situations, prove more apt and advantageous.

On the other hand, when a particular job profile requires former practical knowledge and exposure of an employee to a specific domain of work, the focus of a recruiter should quite naturally shift towards an experienced candidate. However, under no circumstances should an employer mingle job experience with the uniqueness of a candidate’s individual talent and creative skills.

How to choose a training agency for your recruiters?

William Almonte-How to choose a training agency for your recruiters?

There are essential aspects that a training agency needs to cater to teach the hiring process to the recruiters. To seek the help of the experts, it is imperative that these recruiters go through a proper training process.

According to William Almonte, the recruiting process is a huge responsibility where the recruiter needs to be skillful and very efficient in making the right choice while selecting the candidate. A committed staffing agency is the most suitable one who can deliver on time services to the organizations by training the recruiters with the required skills. This searching process for the perfect candidates is a costly and tiring process.

William Almonte states that a highly updated staffing agency that knows the industry specific issues can assist in letting the business stay focused and organized in development activities. Since the workforce forms, the core aspect of any organization the recruitment of the skilled and highly expertise candidates is also crucial.

Factors that can help in selecting the training agency

  • An agency that is well updated

 The staffing agency that needs to recruit the candidates should be well updated with the industry ways and manners. The agency has to be able to train the recruiters with the present techniques and methods. An agency which has global reach and can expand into the new markets can help recruiters get the exposure and training to handle the recruiting process. 

  • To compare the various agencies available in the market

 The whole process of comparing the agencies can help in assessing whether the agencies follow the required policies that can assist the small and large businesses. These training agencies teach varied processes and techniques of recruiting which depends on the kind of business that the client has. Amidst all of them choose the agency that ensures high-quality services in terms of staffing.

  • To gather more information on them

 The agencies have their set of terms and agreements based on which they work. It is imperative that before selecting a particular agency for training the recruiter’s information are collected about the company.

It is important that one gets to enroll such an agency that is authentic and trains the recruiters in understanding the needs and demands of the market. The human resource is an important part of the workforce of an organization.

The rapport and the relationship build by the organization with the training agency are essential as the recruiters get to seek advice and suggestion during the hiring process. These ease the hiring process. These top notch agencies can help in providing ideas and information that the recruiters need to be updated.

With the change in the economy, the hiring companies have to be well versed with the market. They have to learn the different ways of tackling the problems and challenges that come their way. For this, they do need a superior quality training agency that can hone them with the required skills and train them in recruiting the finest quality of candidates who can bring about further development of the organization.

Find Out Dos & Don’ts During A Job Interview For Candidates!


To secure a good job in a company of your choice, it is mandatory or we can say it is the first step to be selected in an interview. However, cracking the interview in first attempt is not a cup of tea for everyone. The time you fail in an interview is such a big disappointment for a candidate. Sometimes, they put responsibility of their failure to destiny, sometimes wrong time and sometimes lack of knowledge and so on. But the actuality is something different. The thing that plays the biggest role in deciding your fortune in a company by accepting or rejecting you in a job you applied for is the way you deal your interview. So, the biggest contributor that ensures your success in a job interview is your own act during the interview.

William Almontebeing an expert recruitment adviser knows the consequences of wrong handling of an interview and hence, here is a list of dos and don’ts that you should follow at the time of interview to put a positive impression on your interviewer. These are sure ways to get selected in a job interview with full marks.

  • Do not forget to greet the office receptionist when you arrive at the interview place. This is the first stage where, you leave your first impression on the company you apply in. If you think that your attitude towards a receptionist does matter to get selected for a job, then you are sadly mistaken. The employer may ask the receptionist too for the inputs.
  • Complete each section of your job application precisely. Don’t stress on commenting unnecessarily on why is it when everything is mentioned on your resume.
  • Do not forget to bring extra copies of your resume with you during interview and provide each interviewer separately. Don’t think that company will provide copies to interviewers.
  • When greeting interviewer, do include a title like Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc and the last name. If you are not aware of the name or last name of the interviewers, then do not hesitate to ask the receptionist for the same.
  • When you meet the interviewer, confidently shake hands with them. Your hand shake should be firm and without being clammy. Do not sit until a seat is offered to you by the interviewer. Just keep in mind that you should exhibit your attitude through your body language.
  • Sit in right and active manner in the upright position. Be active and you should look always interested and keen to listen to interviewer. Face the interview with proper eye contact with the one who is interviewing you. Try to avoid being slouch or your eye contact should not feel as you are staring at them.
  • Show your enthusiasm towards the job and company and your attitude should have full of confidence and energy. It is not necessary to be over soft-spoken or extra assertive as it shows the job seeker is too anxious for the job.

Keep your ups and positive points at the front before the interviewer and make them know how you can prove a beneficial for their company. When the employer would feel that you have that “X” factor, he would love to have you in his company at any cost. At that time, you get selected in a company at your own terms and conditions.