Exploring The Hiring Methodology Of Recruitment Companies


Hiring is no way an easy thing as a wrong recruitment may ruin the time and training efforts that a company spends to train an employee. In the beginning, a company spends one or two months to make the new joiner familiar with his roles and responsibilities and if the candidate is not that good, all the effort goes in vain. So, hiring requires expertise that ensures for the relevance of a candidate for a particular job. The recruitment companies possess that expertize by which they ensure to shortlist the best candidates for the initial interview and after being satisfied by the answers and knowledge of the candidate, they recommend their name further. William Almonte has years of experience in recruitment consultation and hence, he knows how effectively recruitment companies can handle hiring process and can help organizations with the best recruitments for all positions.

Hiring Process For Contact Staffing-

When it is about contract staffing, the hiring process has to be faster. This requirement occurs when there is an immediate hiring for a particular area for a newly introduced venture of a company. During contract staffing, a staffing agreement is made between the candidates and company for a pre-decided period or sometimes until the work ends. This recruitment is totally advantageous to client or the employer in which they do not require to induct a candidate completely in a payroll position. So, it is simply alike pay per service used. The best thing or the positive part for candidates is these positions are higher paid as compared to permanent positions.

Contract – Hire Process-

Contract – hire is same as contract staffing. What makes it different from earlier one is an option to employer for hiring or not hiring the employee once the contract period is over. It is such a great tool in which employers work with an employee for some period and if consider him or her good for his organization, he offers them the permanent employment in the organization. This kind of employment is great for higher profile employees who are at management positions.

Turnkey Hiring Process-

This type of hiring process is started for handling mass hiring. Turnkey hiring can also be used for specific requirements in which an employer is growing or when the new vertical has started or when a company feels a bulk hiring requirement. This type of recruitment is applicable to most of the construction companies at times, they start new venture or construction project.

Temporary – Permanent Hiring Process-

It is the most common hiring type in which employees are hired on contract or temporary basis or permanent basis. In temporary positions, the employees get higher salaries; however in permanent profiles, the pay is less because permanent job includes other compensations along with job security. The payroll for temporary employees can be done either by recruitment firm or by employer himself.

So, these are few recruitment processes in which recruitment agencies perform dynamically to find suitable candidates for employers.

Author: William Almonte

William Almonte is the owner of Titan Staffing Systems one of the top temp agencies. William Almonte offer staffing solutions in Mahwah, NJ.