What Are Some Global Recruiting Trends of 2016?

Like other industries, recruitment industry also undergoes different changes depending on the economic and political situation. The recruitment industry is highly dynamic. Hiring managers always evolve new strategies to engage more talents. Old strategies eventually lose the charm and fail to attract and engage new employees. Recruitment industry incorporates a huge chunk of marketing and public relation so depending on these two sectors the recruitment sector also experiences different changes.

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2016 is about to end, and it’s expected some of the recruitment trends are going to be static in 2017 as well. So let’s take a sneak peek at what is going to be some hot trends of recruitment tin 2017.

Here in this post readers will get to know some global trend of 2016 and 2017

The evergreen trend of recruitment blends with marketing:

When it comes to recruitment and talent acquisition, the most evergreen trend is marketing. Marketing the company’s image to new talents and get them to join the company has always been one of the main weaponry of hiring managers. The talent acquisition involves a lot of in-house marketing and building up brand image. Engaging and recruiting talents are one of the most influential factors when it comes to the improvement the company. According to William Almonte expert recruiter, many reputed companies are increasingly ratifying brand new marketing strategies to engage more talents.

The more talented fresh minds join a company, the more it will get fresh workforce.  Most top candidates are more interested in the learning process other than the salary structure, at the end of the interview procedure; they frequently ask what they will get to learn if they join a particular company. That time the recruitment manager needs to show some great marketing skill by presenting all the positive sides of working in the company.

The quality of hire is going to be different

As per William Almonte, Some studies about recruitment industry reveal that the upcoming trend of recruitment industry is companies are going to be more cautious about the quality, not the quantity of the workforce. The hiring manager needs to change their approach and plan according to the latest trends. The companies are not going to hire quality workforce other than recruiting a bunch of under performers. Now how the companies decide the quality of the hire. The studies reveal that the hiring manager himself will determine the quality of the hire.

Here the recruitment and talent acquisition manager of the company will be given the responsibility to check the performance graph.

Employing branding

Employee branding will be one of the biggest trends of 2017. From this year itself, it is on the surge. Some countries like Brazil, South Africa, and East Asia are now investing more into employee branding. Research done by popular professional social networking site reveals that the trends are increasingly going global. The study reveals that reputed companies are going to engage content writers to provide fresh insights and to attract more fresh talent to their firms. Recruiters are going to use social media to build up brand image dedicate for acquisition purpose to get more and more fresh talents to join the company.

Author: William Almonte

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